Today we focused on forward folds and a going inside ourselves. Finding pratyahara. The fifth limb of yoga, a withdrawal of the senses. This is us starting on our journey to meditation. Folding forward helps calm our thinking brain and allows us a moment to find some stillness. We tend to look up. Perfectly normal as we are so used to watching what is going on. Using Yoga as a tool to learn to let go as  in uttanasana, a deep forward fold which is usually incorporated into the sun salutation flow. We practised dynamic uttanasana today to get used to coming forward. We weaved  padottanasana and prasarita padottanasana into the class. Of course Adho mukha svanasana, down face dog, is a great start to letting go and after a while practising it can become a super resting posture. We peaked with salamba sarvangasana,  shoulder stand, which is not as scary as it sounds and we practised with lots of props so is super safe. This pose really allows us to be still.

A great class today and I think we all got a lot out of it. I loved the energy in the class and I took that out with me into the day. A day which was hectic but with a stillness and calmness in my mind from practice today.


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