Another great class full of energy today as we found our inner Goddess. Remembering the roots of Yoga and the deities that ancient Yogis believed brought them good luck and fortune.  We practised in the name of the mother goddesses, or Mahadevi. Meaning greatest God.  Sarasvati, the goddess of knowledge, Durga, the goddess of balance. Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and happiness and Parvati, the goddess of energy and who is also the mother of Ganesha, the delightful elephant headed God, loved throughout the world.  We practised shakti dance. Shakti being the female form of Shiva.  A beautiful movement of balance and lateral flexion. oh and there’s strength in that mix too. We used goddess Mudras to help keep our energy within the body and released our inner goddess with our warrior poses and Natarajasana. Or dancer’s pose. a strong pose where we need focus and balance. Nataraja is an avatar of Shiva, but no less Goddess-like.

I think we all felt very empowered today to feel fierce and in balance. I implore you to feel like a Goddess in all you do. Think like a Goddess. Be fearless. Be balanced. and remember, the Goddess is within us all.

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