Well the day has finally come. I have graduated from Yoga academy under the wonderful tutorage of Simon Low. It was a hard two years but ones I have enjoyed so much. I have just scraped the surface of this immense subject and am now totally obsessed with anatomy and the philosophy of Yoga. 


When one embarks on a teacher training we have no real idea of how much there is to know. The ability to be able to stand in front of our classes with confidence and knowledge is one we learn on our journey. I remember the very first class I taught: Covering in a gym with 25 students. All different ages, abilities and needs. Nothing on a TT prepares you for that. I thought everyone could down dog. I thought everyone could just breath. Experience of teaching teaches us more than the course ever can however the classroom and subsequent homework, gives us the tools we need to draw on in each, unique situation. The lesson planning, the research, the peak poses, the safety in the sequence all need to be thought out before each class. I am often found mulling over a ‘big’ pose and how we can reach it safely and with hints and tips and often a philosophical story to add to the mix.

Teaching is fun, hard work and mentally taxing. A one hour class keeps me on my toes as to ensuring everyone has my attention and I can answer any questions on injuries or how to avoid them.

My learning is only just beginning. I plan to complete my 500hr TT which will involve a lot of study and patience from family and friends.

This journey has taught me so, so much and it was a journey of total self-discovery. I look forward to sharing it all with you.

See you on the mat.


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