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Please find below listing of classes I currently teach.

Weekly Class Schedule

Kingswood Village hall

KT20 6EB

Two weekly classes for differing levels of your practice. Whether you want to go back to basics or deepen your practise there is a class for you. All classes are focused on alignment and safe practise techniques, lengthening and strengthening your body and mind.

Montly restorative Yoga last Sunday of each month.

Tuesday 9:30am-11am all levels

Tuesday 11.30-12.30 Beginners

Vinyasa Flow & Restorative Yoga

Ember Yoga Studios

Hampton Hill

TW12 1PD

I teach  three Sunday classes in beautiful Ember studios.

Warm Vinyasa flow for the student who prefers a dynamic, strong flow. including inversions and arm balances. A challenging class  to set you up for the week ahead.

A hugely popular Restorative class which is a deeply nourishing and relaxing practice. We allow ourselves to just let go and be, weaving gentle yin postures and restorative poses using bolsters and props into the class. This class is taught in candlelight and is super soothing for the week ahead.

Sunday 11:30am-12.30pm Vinyasa

Sunday 12.45-11.45 Hatha Yoga

Sunday 14.00-15.00 Restorative

Heated vinyasa flow level 2

Restorative and gentle yin postures in beautiful candlelight.

Vinyasa Flow & Restorative Yoga

abaYoga Studios




Brand new Studio

Beginners Yoga: 

Thursday 19:00am-20.00pm

Vinyasa Flow: 

Thursday 09:30am-10.30pm 

Restorative Yoga:

Saturday 17.00-18.00

Sunday 17.00-18.00

Restorative and gentle yin postures in beautiful candlelight.

Nuffield Gym Cheam

Gym Members

Wednesday 16:30am-17:30pm

Nuffield Gym Purley

Gym Members

Thursday 19:30pm-20:30pm

Kingswood Village Hall

Tuesday 9:30am-11am
Thursday 9:30am-11am

KT20 6EB

Ember Yoga Studios

Sunday 11:30am-12pm
Sunday  14pm-15pm

TW12 1PD

Nuffield Gym Cheam

Wednesday 16:30am-17:30pm


Nuffield Gym Purley

Thursday 19:30pm-20:30pm


abaYoga Studio


What our members are saying:

Tara Stevenson

Debi is a lovely talented yoga teacher. Her love for yoga shines through. You will leave class feeling lengthened, stress free & nurtured. Don’t miss out on 90mins of bliss �

Carol Clisby

Really enjoying the classes at St Marks in Purley. Very relaxing with candlelight.

Wendy Jupp

Highly recommend Deborah as one of the most kind and attentive yoga teachers �

Jan May

Inspiring, enjoyable, uplifting – feel good factor! x

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