Sometimes we get so tight in our mid back so try this as a beautiful freeing of your tightness. Use a block if you have one and we feel into it with our hips to teach them not to rotate with the arms. That way you get a lush stretch all across the thoracic spine. ( middle of your back) girls, think bra strap. Gently rotate towards the wall keeping the hip touching block or wall pointing forward. Breath into the back and turn the head if that feels good for you. I like to stay for 10 breaths but see how you feel. This can be done seated as a variation and remember to pause before tackling the opposite side. Ooh this will feel soooo good ❤️#yogatips #thoracicmobility #pushtiyoga #yogaeveryday#alittleyogagoesalongway #yogatitbits #videoyoga ?‍♂️

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