Autumn is a season of change. Nature moves from the heat and dryness of summer to a colder, wetter time of year in which we can prepare for burrowing down for winter. Taking a walk with my dogs I noticed the beautiful change in the leaves and their colours as the trees released them to the ground. Shedding their leaves like confetti to the ground below. The woods a myriad of many different colours. I felt like I was walking on a carpet that the trees around me had laid out for me. The trees losing their leaves as they have no need of them in the coming season is part of the change in this cycle of life. We can embrace this change. This letting go of our habits and tendencies, and preparing ourselves with nourishment and a slowing down of our bodies to accommodate the winter. In our Yoga practice we need to feel more grounded and balanced. It’s time to focus on our steadiness of practice and root in for the winter. Beautiful foundational poses such as mountain, tree or warrior 1 and 2. are ideal. Why not stand in mountain now? feel the earth beneath your feet. Maybe take a gentle twist to the left and right to aid digestion as you may be eating heartier meals now. Stand in tree whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.  I love viparita karani or legs up the wall pose to really help calm and balance your mind in this period of transition. To do this sit with either hip  to the wall and gently swing your legs up the wall as you lay on your back. Arms at shoulder level and away from the body with palms facing up. You can lay here for up to twenty minutes and feel the wonderful effects on your mind and circulation. However, if it’s a newish practice for you five minutes is ample. Take care when coming away form the wall by bending the knees and slowly turning onto the right side and stay for a few moments allowing the spine to settle. This may sound obvious but start layering clothes. it may be beautiful sunshine out there but there isn’t much warmth in it after midday. Eat nourishing, wholesome food and now is the time for delicious root vegetables to be abundant in shops. Yoga is all about being aware of our body and mind. So when you next go out into the street, look up. Think of how beautiful the trees are. actually look at them. Then realise how beautiful you are and how you can change one thing today. On or off your mat. I wish you all a very happy autumn.


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