About Me

I have practised yoga for most of my adult life and I became much more in love with yoga and all its deep history after a trip to India which spiritually enhanced my practice, leading me into teacher training with world renowned teacher Simon low at The Yoga Academy. I have an advanced 80 hour Yin teacher training with Norman Blair.  Meridian traditional Chinese medicine  (TCM) and Cellular restoration with Adelene Cheong.

I continue to learn and enhance my teachings with renowned anatomists and movement teachers.

Every class is adapted to your ability and will challenge your body and mind. My classes have an emphasis on safe alignment, with a deep understanding of anatomy and how the body moves. Weaving strength, flexibility and a deep rooting on the true essence of yoga into every class

I teach hatha vinyasa flow, yin and restorative classes. On line and at various studios around West and South London.


Yoga is for everyone and we can’t wait to see you there! Class numbers are limited to ensure that you get all the individual attention you need. Yoga can help us lose weight, balance metabolism, and develop a lean body. Mentally Yoga may be even better.Yoga is very much a mind-body exercise that uses breathing and focus to help calm the mind, releasing physical and mental stress.

“Debi is a lovely talented yoga teacher. Her love for yoga shines through. You will leave class feeling lengthened, stress free & nurtured. Don’t miss out on 90mins of bliss ”

“Really enjoying the classes at St Marks in Purley. Very relaxing with candlelight.”

“Highly recommend Deborah as one of the most kind and attentive yoga teachers”

“Inspiring, enjoyable, uplifting – feel good factor! x”


Frequently Asked Questions:


Your first class will show you just how good yoga will make you feel. I encourage you to come along with an open heart and an open mind. It is fun and what’s not to love about dedicating one hour to you, and only you. Be amazed at how wonderful yoga is for your BODY, SOUL AND MIND. Inside and out.

I cannot touch my toes:

The beauty of Yoga is in the journey down there.

I cannot relax:

The aim of yoga is to help you practice how to.

I cannot meditate:

Think of this as mindfulness (not nearly as scary). Yoga will teach you how to be mindful. How to be present. How to slow down the constant whirring of our chattering mind.

I cannot do those complicated headstands:

You do not need to. Yoga will teach you how to create alignment in your body.  Challenging your mind and body In whatever pose you choose to practice. 

I will never be as good as anybody else:

Yoga will teach you that you are perfect, and your body is unique. With guidance and a gentle patience, you will come to love what you can do, not what you can’t do. Your yoga. your body.

I will never want to chant:

Yoga is about doing what you want to do, in your own time. Yoga teaches  patience and above all kindness to your self and your amazing, unique body and mind. If chanting is not for you that’s okay.

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